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Steering wheel replacement

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Has anyone installed an aftermarket steering wheel in an 88 and older Esprit? I was thinking how difficult it would be to adapt an aftermarket since its an unusual car that probably has an unusual steering column, im thinking if it was one year newer it might be a GM steering column that would be easier to find an adaptor.
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I believe that's a Nardi wheel on you Esprit...take off the center rubber cover and check it out. If it is a Nardi then you'll have to stick with a different Nardi wheel...or, you can get an adapter to use a Momo wheel for example. The bolt hole space is different Nardi v. Momo.

I'm not sure about other types of wheels, but Nardi and Momo definitely have different hole spacing.

The stock Nardi wheel is quite small diameter, perhaps 350mm or less. I'd recommend sticking with a small diamter wheel (320-350mm) otherwise it will be difficult to enter/exit the car.
I think you have an easier time finding an adapter for your car than the GM wheel.A buddy Keen had a quick release hub for the removable race wheels (flat bottom) in his car and I seem to recall he mentioned that if you did not have to worry about an air bag install it makes thing real simple. The adapters that allow different wheels to be used is very thin. I don't think you will notice much difference in wheel position. The GM wheel is like 370mm and I don't have a problem getting in or out but I am the correct Lotus dimension LOL. Most popular after market wheels are 320-340mm range. The smaller of the wheels will block certain views of some pod instrumentation
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