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Stevens dimensions?

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So for some reason I was comparing the size of my Esprit to other vehicles.... I was trying to find an easy "standard" to use so I hit up wiki.

Lifted from the Stevens section:

Length 1993–95 & 1999–2004 172.0 in (4,369 mm)
1996–98: 173.8 in (4,415 mm)
Width 1993–95 & 1999–2001: 73.5 in (1,867 mm)
1996–98 & 2002–04: 74.1 in (1,882 mm)

Does this make sence to anyone... Are there really differences?
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the "hoop" wing on the S4S and early V8s hangs off the back of the car. That might be the length difference.

Not sure where the width difference is. The only Esprit I can think with a distinct width difference was the Sport 300. (widest wheels&tires and widest fender flares)
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