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Stevens dimensions?

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So for some reason I was comparing the size of my Esprit to other vehicles.... I was trying to find an easy "standard" to use so I hit up wiki.

Lifted from the Stevens section:

Length 1993–95 & 1999–2004 172.0 in (4,369 mm)
1996–98: 173.8 in (4,415 mm)
Width 1993–95 & 1999–2001: 73.5 in (1,867 mm)
1996–98 & 2002–04: 74.1 in (1,882 mm)

Does this make sence to anyone... Are there really differences?
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I do not have the exact numbers right available. but I do know that the departure angles, approach angles, and wheel tracks are different for different models.
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