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Still Looking for Good Photos......

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....of Graphite Grey.

Have it on order but have not yet seen a pict of a Fed in this color.

Any floating around out there?


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no, I'm also ordering either GG or CO. I need to decide quick because my dealer may call me any day to put in the order. I've been looking for GG 111Rs also and have not found those either. We were screwed when they didn't bring this color to Birmingham. I also have yet to see good pics of Nightfall Blue and Starlight Black.

Believe me, if I find any pics of GG, you will see them!

Actually, the manager at my dealer has seen the color and he likes it much better that Gunmetal Gray. So that is a good sign. I think he mentioned that GG has more of metallic in it so it looks more chromic under sunlight.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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