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Hello everyone,
I'm still looking to bother anyone who has an 81-86 turbo esprit, I need some photos of how the relays under the front trunk, on my LHD car, the relays are suppose to be mounted with 2 screw, my car is a 1983 lotus
Esprit turbo (investors special #007)
My car was neglected and the wiring was cut to feed the following: an amplifier, car phone, cd changer, cb radio, lighting under the car, aftermarket alarm, hands free microphone, remote rear camera, remote roll up and down window current sensors, also the headlight relays were jumped to raise and lower the headlights when the after market alarm system was triggered, it also had 4 horns and 2 alarm sirens,

Long story short is I gutted all the add-on's wire feeds and have repaired the wiring, now everything works properly, the relays mount on LHD cars were under the front trunk lid, behind the headlight bucket on the left side of the car, the alarm installer made several mounting holes and now I do not know where to properly mount the relays, Like I said I was hoping to bother you, my Lotus brothers and sisters with the favor of taking a few photos to help me along.

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