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Hello, my name is Levi.

So, I am not great at self introductions, I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that no one really cares what I say or do or feel or anything else. The past year has been an attempt at changing that, I was lucky enough to get fired from my job of 12 and half years at the end of 2018 and my life has been in a state of change ever since. I am currently self employed but I dont really love my work, I am driving a Toyota Prius that I bought for three reasons, I was commuting, I wanted a car for less than what I had in savings at the time, and last of all I wanted something I could sell in a year without losing too much money.
Well it has not been a year yet but I am looking for a car to replace the Prius, I have never owned a sports car of any type but I have always liked Lotus cars for their power to weight ratio. The car that died and prompted the purchase of the Prius was a 2008 Toyota Yaris, It was not a very powerful car but it was only 2100 lbs with 103HP and I really liked driving it on the back roads here in Washington State. It was manual and the sychro went out in second gear so I was forced to learn how to rev match if I wanted anything close to a quick shift without grinding, I learned how much I could dip the car through corners before the body roll would bottom out and I learned how to hit the brakes to gain traction as apposed to just slowing the car.

So, I joined this forum in the hopes of learning about and buying a Lotus. I am hoping to get the same weight as that Yaris but with a better weight distribution, better suspension, and more power. I am looking to buy with cash so it may take some time and I will have to keep the price on the lower end, I am thinking an 2005 Elise.

35 years old, married with four children, currently going to college for computer programming.

μιλάω Ελληνικά
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