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Several months back I posted to see who had experience with the Stilo ST4 GT W helmet. While we had some discussion it didn't seem to be a popular choice (given it's pricetag) but I decided to take the plunge and ordered one. Almost 2 months later it finally arrived.

Short version
Very disappointed, it's going back.

Longer version
To start positive it looks amazing. The comments from the few racer friends I showed were it looked like Vader's helmet or the helmet from the game Halo. With the smoked visor it looks down right sinister. Evil. Amazing. For me that's where the good ended (it is very well constructed however)

First off it's way too small for me. It's an XL (the largest) and I can barely get it over my head. The opening is extremely small for a helmet it's size, even friends with M or L head sizes had trouble getting it on. Once you pull it over your mellon it isn't too bad but it's a full size smaller than my Pyrotect carbon one. So that pretty much ruled it out no matter what.

Secondly I didn't like the earphones. They are sound attenuating and are just way too quiet for my tastes. You can barely hear a person standing in the same room with you and while I'm sure some would like that I didn't like the fact that I couldn't really hear the car at all. Forget the tires, forget the motor below 6200. Didn't even try it with my Chatterbox (I did get the adapter) but I assume I could have heard a student just fine.

Next up the forced air. The worst I've ever seen in a helmet. First the connector isn't the standard size (at least the size both my Pyrotect and CoolShirt blower use) - it's much smaller. Then worse it doesn't feed air through the helmet but just to a tube that comes out right in front of your mount. At first I thought it was the drinking attachment. I don't see how this would really keep you cool - it would just pump air in a concentrated stream right at your mouth. In contrast my Pyrotect feeds cambers that come all around your face.

And finally the eye port is very small. I got the wide one (W) but it's still rather small cutting visibility in what I think is a negative way (are there good ways to cut visibility??)

So in the end clearly not the helmet for me. I ordered it from Wine Country Motorsports at Infineon and they've been really great to me. Patient with all my "when's it going to be here???" and they were great today about taking it back (I'd cleared that before I ordered). Told them back 2 months ago I need it by the 19th - it arrived on the 19th. Definitely recommend them.

So the search continues. I'm going to try to find some friends locally to try some on and may instead go with a custom painted one (a friend just did that and it looks amazing). I do love the naked carbon though...

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