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re: Brake bias

Some notes:

1. Street cars have a lot of front brake bias. Lotus brakes maybe good for the street, but the bias is way off optimal. This is done for safety. an average person can deal with the car sliding straight (too much front brake) versus controlling overseer (spin).

The braking force is sufficient, if you can lock your current wheel/tire combo. Therefore, stock brakes are sufficient for stock wheels/tires.

(If you change to slicks + aero, we can start changing the brake hardware. If the brakes overheat after track use, we can start changing hardware.)

Like all stock cars, Lotus comes with a combination (front and back) master cylinder. The proportioning valve is inside> (Used to be outside in early '70's cars, but it is cheaper to make it all integrated for the OEM.)

If You do not like the brake bias:

1. Take the M/C apart. Remove the prop valve. Insert adjustable aftermarket one in the rear brake line. AP is great. Willwood or Tilton is cheaper for same part. ABS and brakes will continue working (better).

2. Change pad compound front to rear.

3. Put front brakes on rear wheels.

4. Go to racing pedal set-up with 2 M/C's and balance bar.

I would do all of the above, before I went to the $$ track set-up. If You track the car, then a $$ track set-up is the right choice.

There is also a highly subjective area of brake feel....

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