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Stock horn location

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Does anyone have a copy of the manual where it shows where the stock horn is located? On another thread someone mentioned that it is attached near the oil cooler in the RH side of the car but I removed the RH front wheel liner and looked around in there and still couldn't see it. I got the Stebel in and hope it'll improve on the stock horn. according to the package the horn produces 139dbs at 4 in and 115dbs at 2 meters and the horn frequecies are at 530/680Hz. TIA
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Au111 said:

You need to drop the front undertray diffuser panel in order to access the stock horn. It does indeed live inside the front crash structure. The mounting bolt goes through the structure, and the back side nut lives just in front of the RH oil cooler. It's a real pain with the cooler in the way! I ended-up leaving the stock horn there, and just futzing with the wiring to install the airhorns.

I have pictures somewhere at home; I'll see if any of them are post-worthy later.
Au111, if you do please post. I may go ahead and leve the stock one in place. Is there any easy way to reach the stock horn and just pull the wire off it and leave it essentially dead in there?

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