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Stock Intercooler: painted or anodized?

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I never found a solid answer.
Either way, what would be the best way to clean it?
My car ran about 18k+miles without a catch can, and I'm about the clean it as I'll be installing a catch can in a day or two.

I've heard acetone is safe on aluminum and anodized surfaces. I mean, it's the go-to cleaner for machine shops. But, it'll also strip paint so that would be no good, IF the stock intercooler is indeed, painted.

I've heard gasoline or diesel being used on other forums, but neither sounds legal or safe.
Simple green or other detergents might discolor aluminum.. hmm...

Any ideas? :shrug:
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Not sure I understand what you are asking but if you are wondering if acetone will clean it, dab a small spot with a q-tip. See what it does.

Btw, highly doubt it's painted. My stock one looks naked. I bet the RLS guys would know. Ask Thomas.

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Oh, I did test it with acetone few weeks ago, and yes, the stock intercooler is indeed PAINTED.
I dabbed a little bit in the corner of the bracket with a q-tip and rubbed it with a piece of tissue paper and the PAINT does come off ever so slightly.

So yeah, you'll need paint and aluminum safe solvent to clean out the intercooler, or be very careful using acetone and make sure nothing spills out.:cool:
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