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Stock Parts For Sale

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I have a few parts for sale. Prices are on the images with exception to the parts listed below.

CupDisc Rear Hats 85% life left ($250)

Stock Header - Minus the injection tube ($125 )

Stock Cat (15k miles) $125

Vinyl Wrapped Carbon Fiber Splitter ($50)
(rock hit the splitter so it was epoxied and wrapped)

Stock Toyota Air Filter ($10)

*Shipping will be extra, PM if your interested in purchasing.
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And dibs on the license plate frame and the way bar!
I will also take the splitter, assuming the shipping costs are not too prohibitive.
Is it chipped or does it look good?
dibs on scoops!
do you have the brackets as well?
PM sent
Do you have images of the splitter (consider this a dibs)?
I'll pass on the splitter since I drive an Elise :) You can have it, Diny, unless someone already got it.

Looks like I wasn't fast enough with my dibs either. I probably should have sent the PM first and then posted.
Wow, lots of interest. I will put together a list of who is getting what in the order I received. Items still open fore sure are, cat, header, wing, electronic stuff.

Anyway, the splitter is the carbon fiber version from sector111 that is $450. I put it on the car drove on highway and I got a nickel size rock chip, so I epoxied the chip and wrapped with carbon fiber vinyl to help protect it. The vinyl is in good condition.


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I'll take the splitter for $50. PM me the paypal information and how to proceed.
Here is a list of parts and to whom. This was first come first serve via PM. I did keep track of backup buyers (you guys really want the plastic carpet buttons...) Anyway, I had hoped to get to shipper today to get pricing but worst case it maybe wed. I will get in touch though as soon as I have it done.

Wang86 - Shipped
Side Vents
Lug Nuts

OddManOut - Shipped
Naca Duct

I-Man - Shipped
Sway Bar
License Plate Frame
Suspension Parts

Sarenar - Shipped
License Plate Cover
Alpine Faceplate

Diny - Shipped
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I have not heard back from I-Man or wirewheel yet on there sales but will give them till monday. There are parts still for sale here and below.

CupDisc Rear Hats 85% life left ($250)

Stock Header - Minus the injection tube ($125 )

Stock Cat (15k miles) $125

Stock Toyota Air Filter ($10)
Any pics of Cupdisc rear hats?
Any pics of Cupdisc rear hats?
I will take photos on sat. for you.
Just left you feedback. Thanks again. bump as well!
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