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Stock Rear Panel and Heat Shield - '05 Elise

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I replaced my exhaust with a Larini high exit and a panel eliminator. I'd rather not store the heatshield and rear panel so here it is. Comes with all the hardware (sans the 5 clips that get re-used with the eliminator kit off the rear panel)

From what I can tell, the OE replacement heatshield isn't cheap. Lotusgarage has is listed at $907.25 but I can't imagine they sell a lot. **For reference (Heatshield assembly, muffler - SKU: F120S0024F MSRP $907.25) and the U bends (Heatshield, muffler U bends upper and lower -LG SKU: D120S0029F and D120S0030F MSRP $84.50 EACH - $169.00)**

Shipping is going to be a PITA so a local pickup would be ideal (so-cal)

asking $450 + shipping for the heatshield assembly (including the u bends and hardware) and $150 + shipping for the rear-panel.

$500 + shipping for both.

If I'm way off, make me an offer.

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Am I way off price-wise on these? I'm new to the community and was initially just going to toss them until I check lotus garage on a whim. Saw that replacements were super pricy and figured I'd put them up here.
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