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Only if you bring them. Even when I have a couple of dollars----chicks still avoid me like the plague.

Stipper to Lehman....."Listen buddy--a lap dance is $20 for your friend, but you it's gonna cost $50"

Hey guys and is I, the always prim and proper Lehman here.

Just wanting to tell folks in South Florida about a new HPDE club that I just signed up to run with at Homestead Motorsports Park on May 9th.

The guys behind this club are long time South Florida autocrossers and Motorsports lovers.

They are my friends. (maybe they should be pickier about who they hang out with ?)

Great people...........

Go and have fun..............see you there........

These guys let me use the mic at our autox events...imagine what my friends will let me do out there....(just don't tell my wife)

ERME (Equipe Rapide Motorsports Experience) Presents the most innovative high performance road course experience ever offered in the Southeast!

We accommodate all of your "Obsessed with Speed Needs"

We have the best instructors in all of South Florida!

Intermediate HPDE Driver?
All the track time you desire, without sharing the track with novice drivers!

Advanced or Competition Race Car Drivers?
Test & Tune, Practice, "Shake Down" your race car for the next "Big Race", or just "Seat Time". You get UNRESTRICTED PASSING, ANYWHERE ON TRACK, (only a simple point by is required).

"ERME" means Equipe Rapide Motorsports Experience. If you have always wanted to know what your car could do if you were on a race track, or how fast you could take that on ramp, but you know the streets and highways are not the place! Now ERME gives you and your car an easy, safe, and affordable way to get on the track! No speed limits, no pedestrians, but best of all, no tickets. ERME allows you to learn how to handle your car at the limit in a non-competitive setting. You set your own goals and go as fast as you feel comfortable going. You can progress as far as you want.

Registration is NOW OPEN for the May 9th 2009 Event at Homestead-Miami Speedway on the Road Course.

Just go to Unlike any other Motorsport Experience, Equipe Rapide! : Equipe Rapide Motorsport Experience and follow the link on "Event Registration"

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This sounds like that golf tournament they had a while back where there was a tent at every hole, and you could get a lapdance (and more) there. I think it was shut down by police.

We had jokingly called the tournament; "The Nineteenth Hole" ;)

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