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Stumbled across this Elise for sale today

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In Central Wisconsin people ask if you drive a long bed or a short bed pickup. Anything else is considered exotic. That's why I was shocked to drive past this Elise for sale an a tiny used car lot in a small farm town today.

Of course I stopped to have a look but I only had about five minutes to spare. It's being sold on consignment for a local owner who I didn't even know existed previously. 2005 CO touring pack with 47K. Looks unmolested save for a custom Alpine head unit and a few minor cosmetic issues. I think with a little spit and polish it could be a good car at the right price. Listing for $28,995. The dealer, needless to say, knows next to nothing about Lotus cars...

I might go take a closer look and test drive if anyone is interested.


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Wow what a deal

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I'm told it's been in the ownership of a local real estate guy for a long while. He claims the title is clear and the car is well kept. It would be easy to verify.

The seats and interior look very good except for a small seam pull in the front left corner of the driver's seat that could be repaired. I noticed a small scuff on the left front fender next to the reflector that could also be retouched, and of course some scuffing under the front chin that can't be seen from above. It could use a nice detail cleaning with a R.O. buffer and some back-to-black treatment on the plastic. the Yoko tires will need to be replaced soon. He said he's not sure if the owner has a hardtop...

If you gave me a day with my detailing equipment it would look like a new Lotus.

I turned the engine over and it sounded good (maybe a stage 2 exhaust) but I had no time to drive it. He didn't know about the oil line recall.

The dealer said he has it listed online somewhere and he is getting all kinds of super low-ball offers from long distance online tire kickers. This place only has about ten other cars (pickups) for sale...
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