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Sub box

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I found this picture on puresportscar does anyone know where to find one like it I don't like the looks of the jl audio one I think this one looks better.


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That's sharp although I'd be worried about passenger damaged it. I have the JL sub box there now and it's a good thing it has the mesh cover on it. It does get stepped on.

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That is a great looking box but I'm afraid the air volume wouldn't be great enough to give it a real kick. As always, I'd sooner lay a custom fiberglass enclosure to replace the rear interior panel and cargo net. It's a more central location, it won't get kicked, and you can build it to hold a fairly large air volume.

I'd be more worried about the JL Audio enclosure, one reason I never bought one was that I figured I'd have to replace the mesh every other week if I wanted to keep it looking new.

This box looks like it was custom made. You could probably do something similar yourself with a bit of fabrication skill.
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