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Submarine Lotus!!!

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Hey everyone, its the village idiot again:).
I know this video is a couple of years old, but I don't know if everybody has seen it so here it is.
This car actually was still drivable. It had airplane glass widows, a hatch in the roof, concrete filled tires for ballast, and a fiberglass inner skin to seal it.
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at least you didn't post the rinspeed one:D

I don't think that Excel has been discussed much here but there was a post about it a month or so ago
Musk bought the real bond sub. Top Gear produced this to see if they could actually make a road going Lotus Sub and they did (with a lot of compromises).

The Top Gear one is an Excel.
How cool would it be to drag race sharks in one of those?
History channel's american restoration aired the restoring of bond's lotus last night. I missed it but i think its online but the video isnt playing for me.
Bond Ambition Full Episode - American Restoration -
I've never seen that amphibious Lamborghini before. Its cool! Too bad it doesn't become a sub though.
This was on a DVD ' Top Gear Fifty Years of James Bond Cars'

Really cool DVD for Bond fans

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