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2008 Exige S240
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I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the FI subforum..

My Elise is bone stock, but I am planning on going with the VF Stage II supercharger setup. Is an aftermarket exhaust necessary/recommended with a supercharger?

If I do go for an aftermarket exhaust, I'd love to get one that exits through the rear panel, like the European Elises - I just think that it looks more exotic that way. I'd also like one that sounds good, but is quiet as possible. No need to attract even more attention.

Does such an exhaust exist? I saw the Larini SE Style on Sector111, but it says "NOT acceptable for supercharged cars."
Two selection really, if you are in search of a 'quiet' exhaust.
1. Larini 8" ...I have this one on my VF2 equipped Elise, it is not quiet like you probably are hoping, but in Lotus world it is one of the 'quietest' you will find
2. Tubular GT3 8"by24" (CHECK SIZING) The bigger the can the better for quietness...This one is longer than the Larini 8" I think, so it should be less loud.

Honorable Mention: Stock...restrictive and HEAVY (35lbs?), but by far the least loud.

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