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Suggestions for RAC's

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i'm currently on a set of GY Eagle f1's, which I'm finding quite borring. I did a lot of freeway driving, and have since moved, my commute is down from 30 min each way, to about 5. I've only been to a couple autocrosses, but I'd to do more of them in the future.

I'm not longer looking for longer life in my tire.

I'd like something with more grip, without breaking my wallet every few thousand miles. I miss the feel of my old AD048's, and want something comparable or better. I'd like something closer to the AD07's in terms of grip, but this still is and will be my DD for a while.

I have a set of RAC Monolites, and would like some suggestions of tires and sizes that might fit my liking.
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Tire Rack was blowing out their RE01R's if they still have some left that might be a good bet. Very similar grip to the AD07's but better wet grip and longer lasting. Sidewalls feel a bit softer but not by much, would be good as a DD tire.
Falken Azenis RT615

never used 'em but heard good things bout em
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