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Suggestions wanted: Hans w/Schroth PROFI II ASM vs w/Schroth 6 pt Hans Competition

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Recently sold my Audi TT and removed the Schroth PROFI II 6 pt. Hans Competition harnesses with the intention of putting them the Lotus which had the Schroth PROFI II ASM 4 pt's in it when I bought it. After reading the debate about cutting the Exige seats for a sub belt I'm undecided on which would be the better choice. To leave the 4 pt. ASM in the car with the seat untouched or to use my Hans 6 pt's and have to cut the seat while using Sector 111's sys.6.pack.
Any suggestions?
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Leave the ASM system in it and have some safe fun :)
You are basically going to get both sides of the debate on this one...personally, I'd stay away from 4 point belts...but that's my decision for my body.
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