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This weekend was an Esprit interior weekend: Remove seats, fix sliding issue with drivers seat, deep clean leather and carpets, fix turn signal cancelling issue, and get the visors moving freely again.

After 14 years, my visors were pretty much welded in place. If I tried to move them, you could see the mounts bending in protest on their headliner mounting points.

So I undid the 4 screws for the head board, but be warned that head board doesn't just come off because the material glued to the sun roof opening. But I was able to pull it down in front just enough to get a ratchet in there to remove the screws holding on the visors.

After getting the visors off, I was able to pull out the right angle pins that hold the visors. They are not screwed in, they just sit inside the holes on either side of the visors and have a friction fit. That friction had made it to fully stuck levels.

To make them move more freely, I used a cotton swap to put in heavy grease inside the holes.

The stuck visor had cracked up one of the mounting points in the head board. So I took a galvanized plate cover from a spare electrical junction box and made a 3" x 1" long washer with a hack saw, bent in to the contour of the mounting areas, and drilled a hole for the bolt. I used that elongated washer instead of the original washer. It's all hidden, so cosmetics aren't an issue.

Now both visors move perfectly, and they stay where you put them.

Problem solved.
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