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Sunday driving in Malibu..pshew, CALIFORNIA WOW!!

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I hate living here, LA is a dump, it's overpriced and ugly.

BUT....I don't know if there is a better place to live if you enjoy autos. Today I went out to Malibu to enjoy some canyon roads. I did all that, it was amazing, but today, GOOD LORD..the cars that were out to play...I N S A N E.

Here are the ones I got pics of..PSHEW!

On the way out to have fun in the canyons I ran into this crew on the side of the road. About 7 Alfas, bunch of GTBs (?) a Spyder, C8 and a GTA which is apparently VERY valuable as it's a race homologation special, VERY cool.

And the GTA

After drooling over those cars, went to have a coffee before I hauled ass, and while there I ran into the Alfa crew again, and another free little car show.

Some really old, and expensive looking Bently drop top

At this location there was also a free motorcycle show. I didn't take any pictures of any boring bikes, like DUCATIS...calm down, I own and love Ducatis, but we've seen them before. However, these bikes you don't see that often.

I have NO idea what this is, but it looks pretty neat. Uses a Harly pushrod V-twin, but wrapped in a superbike chassis NEAT!

Ahhh, a Benilli TNT, very mean and cool bike, so many amazing "parts" on this of art FOR SURE

Ok, that's all I can post for now, time for margaritas by the pool. MORE TO COME LATER.... :-D
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i've been deprived this weekend. I'm stuck in VA with no canyon roads in sight. Plus I have a Mazda MX-5 mini-mini van which I want to test out. :evil:
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