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Super Seven Coil Springs

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Hi all,

I have a set of brand new never run coil springs for a seven. They were bought a few years back from Caterham on a trip to England, came back and they are not correct for our '64 seven. They seem quite a bit stiffer than our stock springs, but they are also a bit too long (too much preload to fit them the the old Spax shocks) so we obviously effed up when we picked them.

Anybody interested???

If so, I can get all the specs. They were bought for a live rear axle (not DeDion).

Open to trades for lotus bits or whatever, just seems a shame that they don't work for our seven, they'll just sit on the shelf unless somebody wants them.

Also have a never used, never mounted, never drilled, real and old Moto-lita wheel, small diameter for a seven (maybe 10"?). Wheel was originally with a bunch of Brabham BT8 and Lotus 23B parts but would be ideal for a seven (same diameter as the current wheel on our seven). I can get some pics if there's any interest.

Just doing a car night and found some stuff that we'll likely never use that somebody should because they're nice bits!

Let me know,

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