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Supercharger I.D.

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I need help with I.D.-ing a supercharger fitted to a 2005 Elise. There seems to be no way to view it short of removing the engine, but I am posting this photograph in hopes someone can I.D. it from the picture showing the intake plumbing.

I am not an Elise owner (Porsche here) but am trying to assist a widow who is trying to sell here late husband's Elise (and there is a '66 Elan race car waiting in the wings also)> She has most documentation but has lost the paperwork where this unit was installed. And we really need to know to answer potential buyer's questions. Here is the image, top of engine:

Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design
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Lotus Elise, 2005, suoercharged
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Boy that was quick. I appreciate the information a lot. I will look it up so I can know more about it.

Anyone else with useful information please feel free to comment.
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