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Alright, so I am not exactly a guru when it comes to my Exige but I sure do love driving it. I just rolled past 45k miles and while it's down for the winter I wanted to give it a nice pick me up in the handling department as it has been feeling a little sloppy lately. I saw the Seriously Lotus Suspension Refresh Kit on Sector 111 and was wondering if that would be enough by itself or what else would be the best bang for my buck. Any advice really on cheap-ish things I could do to enable me to scoot around the Nurburgring a litter faster next spring would be greatly appreciated.

All that is currently on there is the Track Pack with Dunlop Star Specs (I know, not the best, but I wasn't tracking it at all when I purchased them)


Oh, I also found this Suspension-FreshUp-for-Elise which is available at the Lotus tuning shop near me. In case you were wondering why I don't just go ask them what I should do, severe social anxiety + language barrier = a bad time.
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