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tach rpm triple light cluster on "black dash" cars

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My owner's manual didn't mention anything about how the lateral rpm warning lights that indicate an upshift is required work. (sentence structure to be desired)

I haven't seen them illuminate yet. (2008 eXIGE s240)
When does the first one illuminate?
I've owned the car for about 4 months and it doesn't seem
to have much top end power so I don't rev much beyond about 7000 rpms
i'm guessing the first light illuminates around 7500.

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Just try driving your car and watch the dash???
Bang it off the rev limiter a couple times, and that'll answer your questions :D
It depends on if the engine is properly warmed up, if the engine is cold the lights may come on at 3-5K RPM range, but normally they'll come on consecutively as you approach the rev limit.
Just try driving your car and watch the dash???
Thanks for the insightful response.
Should I look through the windshield as well or only watch the dash?
I need lots of help!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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