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Tapping into stock fuel level sender for RacePak IQ3 Dash

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If anyone is interested I put this quickie article together for those interested in using the stock Fuel level sender with a RacePak IQ3 dash.

For Exige S (07)

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Hi Jim,

Ya know it is strange, I see prices very different from what I paid direct from RacePak

$625 from MotoDelta

$1395 from MotoDelta

Go figure?? I'm guess one includes data logging with dash while the other is just the dash? Write-up is confusing.

Just an FYI on the IQ3, I updated the firmware so it now supports >2GB MicroSD cards -- I have a 4GB MicroSD card in it -- probably overkill but memory is dirt cheap. Also, the USM (Universal Module) is definitely the bargain way to go if you want to use existing stock sensors -- basically supports 4 sensors in one module $180. And the USM sensor support is very very good, from digital to analog to all types signals. But the IQ3 Vnet sensors are IMHO, pretty over priced $250 just for the boost sensor?! Now if I can just find a "failure prediction" sensor ;)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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