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Team Dynamics 1.2 in 17x8F/18x9R

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[SOLD] Well, I think I have finally decided to sell this setup, as I just purchased another set of wheels and have WAY too many wheels and tires sitting around. This is the oft-discussed, super-secret TD setup in 17F/18R. They are 17x8 in front and 18x9 in back fitted with nearly new Yokohama S-drive tires with nearly full tread depth. I estimate the tires have approximately 4K miles on them, all very gently driven street miles. They are truly easy miles because this setup (at least on my car) DOES rub at full lock as well as under cornering loads. My car is lowered, so I do not know if it will rub under load at stock ride heights. These was a street setup only as I have 2 other sets of wheels and tires for the track. Unfortunately, offsets are unknown, as other LT threads will also attest. There are no offset stamps to be found on the wheels, and Sector 111 stopped selling this setup years ago. They look amazing as they fill out the wheel wells perfectly and sit nearly flush with the arches, as you can see in the pictures here and in the attached links.

Wheels are in near perfect condition, with a couple of extremely minor marks on the front 2 wheels near the lugs where the torque wrench contacted the wheel during tightening. The wheels and tires probably have less than 1K miles on them over the last 3 years, so they may as well go to someone who will get more use from them.

A few pics on Chrome Orange attached.

Pics on my previous Storm Titanium car can be found on these threads:

Asking $1600. May consider keeping them for street/show, but all serious offers considered. Strongly prefer local buyers, as these are heavy and will be difficult and costly to ship. Locals will get priority unless a potential buyers wants to cover all shipping costs and insurance. Feel free to email with questions or for additional pictures.


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Came close a couple of times but these are still for sale! BUMP! FWIW three of the four wheels have TPMS sensors installed for anyone with 2008+ cars. The fourth does not because the valve stem recently went bad (leaking air) and I replaced it. Since my current car has no TPMS, I installed a regular valve stem. That's over $100 of TPMS sensors included! :)

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I just got a pro race 1.2.....same config. (17/18).

Mine just not look your in the you know if it's Pro Race 1.2 or Pro race 1 in the front?

Regardless the model, i have to admit that your setup looks lot better !

As for the rubbing issues, is it bad?
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