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Tesla lowers MSRP?

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I was having lunch with an old Tesla friend of mine yesterday, and they told me that prices were going down to $80k on the roadster. It's supposed to be public info, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm also kind of lazy these days to do research. Anybody else hear this or can confirm this? I'm curious how this will affect the resale value on those that had $100K + MSRPs and have already taken deliver. I know some of the local exotic car dealers have been offered Roadsters for resale as low as $60k already, so this may make the values even worse, but better for the 2nd hand market. We should buy 2nd hand anyway, it's better for than environment then making a new one again from scratch. :) I find it somewhat humorous, as just a few months ago, they raised the MSRP to $119k, lol. Also, how are they going to make profit on this when you can get an Exige S 240 for close to that price and the dealers barely make a profit. Considering the Roadster has a battery pack that costs around $20k, the numbers don't add up. :confused::shrug:
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I'm guessing you had a "falling out" with Tesla/Tesla franchise?

I'm sure Tesla barely makes a profit on Roadster sales. High fixed costs + high variable costs (battery pack) = DISASTER. But I'm not sure how high their fixed costs would be considering they outsource a lot of parts.
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