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Test drive of Lotus Elise

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I was fortunate enough to test drive the Symbolic Motors of La Jolla "Preview" Lotus Elise. I realize that this will not not be the final car, but the feel of the car is "spectacular." Despite it being the around 120 HP version, this car has lots of acceleration and the handling is "true" Lotus. This is like driving a go cart on the streets! There is no car that is anything like this! I own a Lotus Esprit and Lotus Elan M100, and both of my cars don't compare to the Elise in handling. The Elan is the closest, but Elise is by far superior! I can hardly wait for the Elise.... BTW, Symbolic Motors of La Jolla is a class act! I have bought two cars from them, and will likely by two more.

I have posted some pictures at:

-- Ed :p :p :p
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Hi Ed, welcome to the forum. I was the guy that was introduced to you (by Graham) as you were driving off the lot. I am glad you took pics and that you verified that the car I drove was 120hp.

I wrote a review of this car in the main rumors and news forum.
Cool looking at the pictures of the Elan M100... I worked for a British Phone Company in the late 80s and 90s. One of my clients was the company that cast the aluminum parts used in the car.

The cam cover, suspension parts and the windscreen A'piller.
That was one cool place.
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