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TGPR track day - get on TV!

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I'm posting this for a friend. Please contact him with any questions.

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Good afternoon,

Attached is the latest tgpr track day info.

If you have a problem with the attachments, here is a link to the file

Sorry about the late notification but it took some time finalizing an agreement
with "the Car Guys" Tv show.

If you come to this track day, you and your car will get on TV. You will each be
interviewed by Scott and Charlie "The Car Guys" to talk about your car, its
modifications, and your sponsorship (who they are what they offer etc . . .if you
have sponsorship!) etc. You do not need sponsorship to enter this event.

ALL interviews will make the TV show (edited perhaps)

If you give either of the car guys a ride the in car, this footage may get on TV
(select car footage will be chosen by show editors/producers after the event).

If you own a company I'm sure you'll agree that its hard to get on the TV show
that goes out to 38000 households in Atlanta and Columbus with a rotation of 4
times a day 5 days a week for only 150 bucks entrance fee.

I know its late but I only have 12 places to fill and as the advertising value
here is very high I have already received some interest from 2 companies (who
will be sending cars on their behalf).

I look forward to hearing from you. (call me anytime)

Best Regards

(706) 884 5636
Xcessive Sound & Video
Skype: xsivsndnvid


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