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2006 Exige SC K24A
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You can find car seats that will fit in the Lotus, and airbag on/off switch for good measure. Once they’re forward facing, they’re good to go! Once mom approves that is…
This is what I was/am thinking.

Hypothetically I would follow all rules and regulations at the state and federal level. But in a cool world I would have started taking him for drives at almost 6 years old. He will be six in February. The seatbelts would hypothetically fit him now :).
I would love a M3, but BMW Lost me as a customer forever with my 335I and all its issues.
Slight derail of a somewhat sleepy thread, the E92 M3 has been solid, as in I would sell it to a friend (and plan to in the spring and there are a few who want it after seeing my 8yr ownership experience). Your typical 335i experience is the reason I don't have an X5.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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