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I'm sure we all have those days when you are reminded how special your car is, and I wanted to share one that really did it for me.
Track day today hpde, I'm in a line up with that is 3 cars wide, the 8 cars around me included a porche 911 turbo, a gt3rs, and a nissan gtr, and a Cayman, (and some miatas/ BeaterMWs) a dude who works at the track walks up to take a quick picture of the beautiful cars and then walks past the $100k porches to take 3 more pictures of just my car. Meanwhile I was checking out the calipers on the 911 that are as large as my wheels...

Fast forward to the warmup laps. The track has a video truck with a movie style crane camera mounted on it. I'm not released conveniently to see the truck, and get filmed, it practically stops, and when it gets in sight of me it basically stopped again to force the miata that wouldn't pass it to move on so it could film my elise.

Now if only I was a good driver....
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