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The Concrete Information Thread

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I wonder if we can get one thread where we pull together all the concrete info that people have got from dealers on their delivery. That way those of us still struggling to get hold of information can see what other people are getting from their dealers.

This information have been apparently given to the dealers over the last 2 weeks. If you've already posted this info somewhere else, please post it again here.

Please, only post if you have been given information by your dealer on the delivery of your individual car. (not "well they said 3 cars a month and I'm spot 8 so...").

If you post, please list the following:

Spot Number
LSS or not
Estimated Delivery Date

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Wallabyguy's Car

Dealer: Princeton
Spot position: #3 (incl dealer car)
Color: Laser Blue
Delivery Date: August
Dealer: Newport
Spot position: #14
Color: Racing Green
LSS: Yes
Delivery Date: October
Dealer: LOA
Spot Position : #5
Color: Ardent Red
LSS: Yes
Hardtop option
Delivery: August

Dealer: LOA
Spot Position #10 ( 2nd list)
Color: Saffron Yellow
Delivery: October
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Randy Chase's Car

Dealer: Symbolic
Position: #2 (behind Demo)
LSS: Yes
Color: Saffron Yellow
Delivery: August
Krypton, Hardtop, Touring, LSS
It might also be of value for people to state the size of the dealership.

Matheny (Medium)
Graphite/Standard susp.
Dealer: Valenti (CT)
Spot Number: #8 customer car
LSS or not: Touring pac & hardtop
Color: Storm Ti/Red
Estimated Delivery Date: September "build," Sept/Oct delivery

This is from a conversation 2 days ago with Bill at Valenti, who is a nice guy and has been very straight with me. I'm not happy about being pushed into a fall/winter delivery here in New England ... will get little to no use of the car for 6 months after delivery. But that not the dealer's fault. Steve
Dealer - Autostrada
Spot Number - 18
LSS or not - YES
Color - Saffron
Estimated Delivery Date - ~October
Dealer: Downtown Jaguar-Lotus (Minneapolis)
Position: #19
Racing Green/Biscuit, Touring
"Sometime in the next 12 months"
>Please, only post if you have been given information by your dealer on the delivery of your individual car.

Well, sort of.

St. Louis
#2 customer car
no LSS
Est: ???

Sales manager assured me that the demo, and #1 customer car were in port, with delivery July 15th. Mine? "Dunno". GAAAARRR! SOOOOoooooo close.

He did, however, confirm the placement of the 3M at the port, and took my order for that.
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Palm Beach motorcars
base car with roof option
told delivery will be aug/sept

that they are expecting thier demo to be shown on a special unvieling across the entire Lotus network on July 15 even if they recieve cars earlier they are not to be sold or displayed or test driven:( till that date or date given by Lotus if earlier, Lotus doesnt want cars on the east coast delivered before dealers on the west coast get thiers.
Dealer: Matheny
Spot Position : #13
Color: Laser Blue
LSS: Yes
Delivery: Changes everytime I ask... :rolleyes:
Dealer - Valenti
Spot Number - 25
Color - Ardent Red
Estimated Delivery Date - The day before hell freezes over, the Red Sox win the World Series and finally Minardi wins a race.
Dealer - Valenti
Spot Number - 32 Originially, unknown now, I have ordered.
Color - CO
Estimated Delivery Date - The a couple weeks after hell freezes over, the Red Sox win the World Series and finally Minardi wins a race.
I find the phrases "concrete information" and "Lotus Elise"
do not fit well together.

I put down two deposits.
I ordered one car
I will get it someday (maybe)

cranium said:
a couple weeks after hell freezes over
So you've got a pretty long wait
the Red Sox win the World Series
A really long wait.
and finally Minardi wins a race.
So you're never getting a car?
Dealer: SVAG
Spot Number: 6
Color: SY
Estimated Delivery Date: August
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