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The Electric Disco Chicken - the Lotus connection

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I recall speaking with Bob Goodness who lived in Worcester and worked at GM in Framingham Massachusetts. He was making of the short film "The Electric Disco Chicken". This film was shown an Cannes in 1981. Bob drove an Elan as his daily driver.

My questions are: Did Bob Goodness drive an Elan or am I imaganing things? Where can I get a copy of "The Electric Disco Chicken"? Is Bob still a Lotus fan? Aren't Lotus people intersting?
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Thanks for the link. I see that the he died in 1992. He seemed to be a nice guy in the little I talked with him. It is a shame that the film seems to have disappeared.

I remember his red Elan being parked on the street near the Animal House style college apartment in which I lived.
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