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For those who have not noticed, we have a gallery.

It is very tightly integrated with the forum. For the most part, it should recognize you as a user when you upload or post.

Here are some hints or information on using the image gallery.

Lotus and LotusTalk Content
Please ONLY upload images that have Lotus or EliseTalk content. As much as we would love to see your (mom, spouse, cat, fish, house, birthday party) please use some other resource for those images. There are a number of free image upload sites around. We recommend photobucket as one.

Getting to the Gallery and back..
There are two main ways to get to the gallery from the forum. You will see a forum called GALLERY and if you click on that subforum, it takes you to the main gallery page. There is also a link at the bottom of the forum pages. Getting back, click on the EliseTalk logo which will always take you to the main forum page.

The Gallery is divided into categories to make the experience and use more valuable. Dumping all the images into one directory would work, but it would be very crappy to try to find something later (you can use the search function in the gallery, but it requires people to use keywords when they upload).

The categories you see now are my attempt at organization and I would welcome constructive criticism. As you can see, you can dive directly down into a subcategory from the main gallery page.

Two of the categories are special in that the images in them will not show up on the main gallery page as "recent" or "random." And these two galleries are moderated in that any image you upload, I will approve before they become public. These two categories are "The Horror, the horror..." and "Girls and Lotus Cars."

Note, a couple of the other directories have another different feature. When you upload, it will ask for and create a subdirectory. Two examples of this are Member's Categories and Roadtrips. Try it and see.

Objectionable content
As always, forum rules apply about overt sexual content and nudity, and anything really objectionable and I will be the final arbiter of where the line is. Thanks for understanding.

Copyright infringment, ownership
When you upload a file onto the EliseTalk server, you are effectively handing over ownership rights of that copy. On the other hand, we will respect your wishes for that image should you want to remove or edit it. Since many images exist on the internet from many sources, it is conceivable that there will be images that belong to someone and they don't want them on the gallery. Please pm me or email me to remove or edit the images, I am happy to comply.

If you see an image that belongs to you, and you would like it noted that "This image was taken by Joe", just let us know and we can edit the description and text. If you would like a link back to your site where the image came from, we can add that also. Happy to.

Unregistered users, guests
Anyone can upload to the gallery. Even those not registered with EliseTalk. However, if you are not logged in, or someone that lurks but wants to upload some content, please do so, but the images will be moderated and subject to moderator approval. That should not take very long. This is not a bad way to upload something anonymously. :)

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Uploading images
You will note two different ways to upload. In a category, there is a quick upload box for uploading one image. I do recommend being in the category you want to upload to, otherwise it is easy to upload the images to the wrong directory. If you mess it up, just pm me for help. The other method of uploading is to use the UPLOAD link at the gallery top menu. This pulls up 5 upload boxes. Some nice features, it remembers where you upload from, so you don't have to navigate to a directory each time. And you can use global descriptions and keywords, with the option of tweaking them before uploading. Basically, if you have more than one image, this is the way to go.

Image titles, descriptions, keywords
When you upload, there are some text fields you can use. You don't have to, but using them intelligently will increase the value of the gallery. The Image Title can be anything you want that makes sense for organization and clarity. If you don't input one, it will use the filename... but DCS0147364.JPG is less useful than Chrome Orange with Wing. Descriptions are self explanatory. If you can, use Keywords so that it can be easier to search on the gallery and find the image, specially if the image is related to something that people will want to search for.

Navigating the Gallery
There are some interesting ways to navigate and some tips to know. One, in a subgallery, there are category tools. Check it out, you can make a slide show of all the images. Cool feature! You can also subscribe to categories to be notified when someone uploads something.

Image sizes
One nice feature of the gallery is the ability it has to autoscale image sizes.
Images are automatically scaled down to 600x450 pixels. If the image was larger when uploaded, you can see the original size by clicking on it. In the text box under the image, you can see the dimensions and filesize and you can also click on those to go to the smaller or larger versions. If the image was originally under 600x450, it will not be shown in any other size of course.

The really nice part of this, is you can view the gallery faster with the smaller, more uniform images. And you can use the smaller images for posting on the EliseTalk forums. And still have the larger... it blocks the sun!.... images for our viewing pleasure. Which brings me to the next thing...

Using images when posting
Each image (and each size of the image) has automatically generated code for use in the forums. If you look at the bottom text box, you will see code called BB Image Code. Just copy and paste this into your post on EliseTalk and you will see the image in your posts. Remember to not use the original size, if it was quite large. You can always use the link back to the original size for those that want to see it.

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Advantages for EliseTalk's server when using the gallery
There are a few definite advantages for all of us if we use the gallery. First one is database size. Attachments in posts are right now added to our database and with over 2 gigs in attachment files, it is becoming unwieldy and the major contributing factor to forum/server issues we have had recently. Images uploaded to the gallery do not contribute to that problem at all.

Second related point, is that an image in the gallery can be used over and over again in the forum by hotlinking. Currently, many users tend to attach the same images over and over. Those images are stored on my server as unique files. We can easily have 5 or more attachments of the same picture. But the server does not know they are the same, so each becomes more bandwidth, part of the larger database, and takes up hard drive room.

Note, you can link to an existing attachment, but that is not very workable as most people are not that familiar with the code, and finding the older attachment can be a pain.

Advantages for the community
The gallery could be a very good resource for everyone as the place to go to see images of things. Such as colors of cars and interiors. Want to see every version of wing available for the Elise? Every kind of rim? Have the vendors upload images and link back to their sites. It will be a good thing for the suppliers to the community, as well as to the end users who are searching for various options, mods, etc.

I would love to see the technical image section heavily populated with images.

Up to this point, I have been populating the gallery with images. This will work much better when everyone else contributes. :sheep:
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