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Press Release:

The latest book by Bob Herzog is now available on

The Lotus Cortina Shooting Brake: Bob Herzog: 9781493509195: Books

The Lotus Cortina Shooting Brake is a semi-humorous and semi-technical account of the restoration of an English Ford Cortina Estate Wagon. Although Lotus never made a Lotus Cortina Wagon, Bob made this Estate up as a tribute to what Colin Chapman May have made, had he made one. Available in full color, B/W and in a Kindle version!

Bob's second book Europa Euphoria (over 350 copies sold world wide!) is still available on and it too is now available in the Kindle format.

Europa Euphoria: The semi-technical and semi-humorous account of the restoration of a Lotus Europa. (Volume 1): Bob Herzog: 9780615641195: Books

A perfect stocking stuffer!


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