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"The Motor Oil Evaluator" & 5W/40 Oil

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The Motor Oil Evaluator is a truly useful resource to navigate the overwhelming choice when is comes to choosing an oil lubricant!

Take a look at the demo video: The Motor Oil Evaluator: Online Oil Comparison Service

My research using this tool shows the "Redline 5W40 Synthetic" to score the best! - Red Line Oil: Motor Oil

Any recommendations or suggestions would be welcome! :)

Below is the recommended engine lubricant as quoted directly from the Lotus Elise owner's manual on page 153:




In order to enhance the longevity and reliability of the car, it is most important that only the specified lubricants are used. It is an entirely false economy to try to save money by using lower quality oils, which may break down before the next change interval and provide inadequate protection before the end of the term. High oil consumption may also result.

For topping up purposes during the running-in period prior to the First After Sales Service, a top quality mineral or semi-synthetic 5W/40 oil should be used. At the First After Sales Service and completion of the running-in period, a fully synthetic 5W/40 oil such as Texaco Havoline Synthetic should be used. This oil has been tested in all climatic conditions likely to be encountered, and offers advantages in ease of cranking, smooth cold running and fuel economy at low temperatures, in combination with good wear protection at elevated temperatures and at high engine speeds. If Texaco/Havoline products are not available, an oil meeting the following specification should be used.

NOTICE: Note that Lotus does not recommend the use of any oil additives and use of such additives may invalidate the terms of your car’s warranty.

Viscosity: 5W/40
Quality Standard: API SJEC; ILSAC; ACEA A3
Capacity - refill inc. filter 4.4 litre
(Cars fitted with front mounted oil coolers contain an additional
3.5 litres, but this oil is not drained during routine servicing)
Difference between high & low dipstick marks: 1.5 litre
Oil change interval Refer to Maintenance Schedule

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Not ILSAC. Neither is Havoline 5W-40 for that matter, have to go with 5W-30.

Can anyone in fact find *any* oil that meets Lotus's requirements?

Viscosity: 5W/40
Quality Standard: API SJEC; ILSAC; ACEA A3
If ILSAC isn't important enough, why not the Mobil1 0W-40? (Which seems to meet stricter standards than the Havoline 5W-40, and is a lot easier to find in stores.)
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