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NtflBlueLiz said:
I just posted this same question in another thread but here it goes again:

I believe that in order to install a good set of air horns we are going to have to remove the front clam so does anyone have a good set of instructions on how to remove and replace the front clam? It would be nice to also get some tips or common mistakes problems in the r&r process.
You don't have to remove the front clam. If you aim to install them in the stock location, you'll have to remove the front undertray and the front/right fender well liner. Then you'll need really small hands and a lot of patience. I placed mine under the removable front bonnet on the passenger side, near the fuse box. Easier to get to, but I want to hear a stock horn side-by-side to determine whether that position is too much of a compromise.
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