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Dealer called for Deposit...

Curt from Ascot Motors called me asking to confirm my deposit. He said that Lotus was getting all the dealers to get them a count as to how many deposits they have. Seems like good news as they might be getting ready to ramp up production to meet our needs.

Anyone have any idea how many deposits there are overall?

Maybe Lotus will hire some of the people they laid off last year back. Good news for them!

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Let's see if we can get an unofficial count.

Park Place in Bellevue has 47, Dealer in Chicago has 100 (possibly more if someone can correct me), Dealer in Utah has 20 (again, could be wrong)

That's all I know. Everyone should chime in and we could get a pretty good count.

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I decided to put together a spreadsheet of all the dealers from the Lotus Website. I went through a bunch of old messages on this board and on the Lotuscarsforum board. This summarizes the highest number anyone reported on a dealers list. If you know of a better number post it and I will update the list.

State Dealer Unofficial Number of Deposits

AZ Scottsdale 15

CA Boardwalk
Los Gatos 45
Newport Beach 5
Silver Star 21
Symbolic La Jolla 68
Symbolic Beverly Hills 32

CT Valenti Motors

FL The Collection
Dimmitt Cadillac 15
Matheny Inports
Palm Beach 6

GA Atlanta 37


IL Fox Valley Motorcars 100

MA Lotus Motorsports

MD Criswell 40

MI Auto Europe 15

MN Downtown Pontiac, Jaguar, and Lotus 32

MO Behlmann Mid Rivers 20

NC Carolina Motor Cars

NJ Maplecrest 31
Sports and Specialist 42

NY Classic Automobiles
Manhattan Motorcars 16

OH Midwestern Auto Group 5

PA Ascot 9
Rothrock 1

TX Autostrada 18
San Antonio
Overseas Motors
Star Motor 51

UT Steve Harris Imports 20

WA Park Place 47

Total 691

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Lotus of Atlanta was at 51 last I heard. I believe Palm Beach is substantially higher since the R&T article.

Goodwork on the info. I suspect the numbers are up considerably at most dealers since the R&T article hit the stands.


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Dealer lists

Nice work, thanks.

When I put a deposit down at Symbolic BH in June, they told me they were in the 'high thirties' range. I would think it's closer to fifty now.

Still, I doubt the total number of deposits is much above 1000 at this time.

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Just posted this in another thread, but since you're collecting numbers here: approximately 35 in St. Louis (Behlmann Mid Rivers Lotus in St. Peters, MO, to be precise).

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I believe Clyde suggested they had over 1,500 deposits in a post on roadfly. And that was before the Rodent Track article...

I don't think the cars will come any faster. I'm sure they are working as fast as they possibly can to bring the S2.5 to the US.

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I just spoke to Judy Little at Silver star, she says that they are in the thirties.

(420HP, she also said that the only option she is aware of at the moment is the hard top... I get the impression that they don't have much contact with Lotus USA)
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