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There are 2 styles of the Moroso Oil Pan?

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I saw this thread on a different site. Someone took my pics of the Moroso Oil Pan and compared it to his Moroso Oil Pan -


I don't see any advantage for either pan:

The 2nd Style Oil Pan:

As compared to my Oil Pan (the one on the bottom):

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According to the engineer Randy at Moroso, Matt at MWR helped design the first 2ZZ pan, so he owns the rights to sell it. They sell a slightly different pan also.
I'm sure I never will find the thread but a year ago or more someone posted on ET. He stated that he designed the pan while working at Moroso. He said the pan was originally designed for the Lotus but later changed to fit the Celica. I always wondered why the sump was so shallow under the last 2 cylinders. I assume the celica had some interference there. Funny, I don't recall the stock oil pan being that shallow in that area. As far as the tray difference, mine was the one that's tilted toward the rear of the car (bottom photo). It didn't look like a great idea to have no oil running to the front kickout of the sump. Remember, the flange of the pan tilts toward the rear of the car. I just cut the front part of the tray off and tig welded a new piece on aimed downward.
I might add that as the pan sits on your floor, that's pretty close to how it sits on the engine. Quite an angle. In fact the oil is pretty much up to the flange at the back of the car. I would prefer the deeper pan with the tray sitting level, not the one I got. It's expensive and frustrating not having the proper pan when you're buying a new pan because you're concerned about oiling issues. I considered adding material to deepen the shallow sump. It should help with crankcase pressure and windage since the pistons travel up and down so close to the pan and the crankcase is narrowed way down also.
Also, that shallow sump won't do as much good in a long high G left hand turn as a deeper one. Nice photos.
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I'll have to double check but I am pretty certain that mine is the "deep" one, like the top one here:

I know my system including the Accusump hold nearly 8 quarts and with that shallow one I don't see that being the case. I will have to double check next time I am under the car.
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I don't see any advantage for either pan:

what do you mean?
Does one fit the with stock windage tray better than the other (no trimming or removal required)?
Is the bigger one, the one that is available? I would think it would be better as it holds more oil and we don't have any exhaust pipe running under to worry about.
do we know which one is better? i purchased mine form forcefed but dont know which one is it ?!!

can someone help me? thx a lot
I don't think one is really better than the other. Your's from ForcedFed should be fine. It is the same one on my car.
which from the two in the pictures is it ?
Where can the deeper version be purchased?
Nope -- MWR sells the shallow one.
The pictures on both websites appear to show a shallow pan :shrug:.
mine from forcedfed was the lower one from the pictures but it seems fien to me. the guys at foredfed helped/guided me a lot for the installation!!!
mine from forcedfed was the lower one from the pictures but it seems fien to me. the guys at foredfed helped/guided me a lot for the installation!!!
+1. Why is there so much concern over which one to buy? There are many people who have the one from FF and it works find, myself included. Just by the one from FF and be done with it.:shrug:
what does the G-pan look like?:popcorn:
so it looks like the G-Pan has the "deeper" side piece as shown in the 4th post 1st picture
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