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Re: Re: Things you could do while you wait.

Allan Gibbs said:
Get 1/2 way through college.
Start a job and then a promotion.
Lease another car for two years and have two cars for 5 more months.

You know, this assumes you'd actually get the Elise in 19 months! ;)
lol :D

I've been waiting about the same time as Sown (I've fried too many brain cells since placing the deposit so I'll have to double check), and I'm not expecting a car till '06.

I'm wondering if I should just get off the list and get first in line for the new model. Probably be a lot quicker :p

Anyways, what could you do in the same amount of time ? By the end of this year, I will have worked on every continent for at least one month :D
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