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Hi all.

I know this has probably been asked many times and I've searched the forums and found lots of information but mostly from threads many years ago and I wanted to see if the Evora has held up in terms of reliability and quality.

I've been looking at for-sale ads for Evora 400's for a while now just to see where the market is and hopefully pick up a lightly used one. I currently have a 911 C2S (997.2) with powerkit and I adore the car but I just get the feeling I'll never have the chance to own a mid-engined car unless I act now. I haven't test driven an Evora yet but I suspect given the sparse dealer network and not many being for sale around here I probably won't get a chance to which is why I'd like to ask you guys for first hand experience coming from a 911.

First of all, what I'm looking for in a car and why I'm interested in the Evora in the first place is a small-ish, light-ish, 2+2 sports car that can double as a daily (but no commuting) and also a track car for DE and time trials (i.e. drive to the track, beat on it, drive home with the same tires). I have quite a bit of track time with the 911 and enjoy it immensely but I'm curious about the mid-engined configuration having never owned one. What worries me is aftermarket support such as finding track focused brake pads, brake rotors, etc. easily. I swap pads before going to events on the 911, and have upgraded to larger rotors as well but I'm not sure this will be needed on the Evora 400 since the brakes seem to be massive.

Other little things that most probably don't worry about are things like lack of a center arm-rest. Am I missing something? Why did the Evora come with one but the 400 didn't? I intend to drive 2+ hours sometimes to the track and back or road trips - where do you rest your arm? Is DIY possible such as oil change, spark plugs, etc. or are these too difficult to access the engine?

Lastly, I've heard the manual transmission wasn't as precise in the earlier Evoras but have been vastly improved for the 400. Will it be similar to the 911? I love the shifter in the 997 and can shift very quickly and precisely. I've S2000's as well and would rate the 911 as one of the best I've tried.

Sorry for such a long winded post but as you can see I have many questions and am just trying to decide whether its worth it to trade the 911 for a 400 given that the power will be similar but gain mid-engine balance and also a more focused chassis (such as double wishbones vs. mac strut in the 911 - I'm an engineer at heart so I value these things!).

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