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As you lower ride height below stock height, the steering arms begin to become higher relative to the steering rack; that causes the tie rod ends to "pull" the steering arms in a bit, leading to more toe out.
Technically that's called "Bump Steer". As you increase this problem ie. more bumpsteer as the car moves up/down on it's suspension, you will see more toe-in/out changes. Optimal to have zero bumpsteer for any given chassis ride height. Hard to adjust for this unless you can change the steering arm knuckle or height of tie rod attachement to the knuckle or wheel hub steering arm which changes the relative angle of the tie rods to wheel hub angle.:wave: Hope this helps you to visualize the situation.

PS. To a prior post, the stiffer the shocks, the faster the weight transfer diagonally across the chassis. The shocks only control the rate of roll for a given spring rate. Shocks don't change the spring rate.:nanner2:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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