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This thread is multi fold:

A - Is there anyone in the northeast / new england area with an Evora (ideally GT, 400...etc?) that would want to provide some guidance and info? Maybe a meet up? I'd LOVE to see one in person. Bonus points if you've had an Elise before! I've never been a car show, never been to a cars and coffee. My one other lotus friend (other than you all!) is 3000 miles away.

B - POWER is important. Can anyone comment specifically on coming from an elise SC (factory or otherwise) to an Evora NA vs SC version? I am a big forced induction guy, so my gut says that will be a requirement on whatever I end up with next. But maybe the torque of a V6 will suffice

Any other info or pointers would be great, without starting another elise vs evora debate!
A- Being that friend 3000 miles away - I can't help much. But to any Evora owners out there, in MA area - Chad's awesome, send him a note, meet up with him... help a brother out.

B- The power difference is an interesting questions. Per the stat lines, the GT (my car) has roughly the same 0-60 and lap times as the outgoing Exige - which is similar enough to an Elise SC. But the car FEELS way faster, because it has way more torque, and all of that torque lower in the RPM range. You don't have to rev it to the moon to find speed. Power is there from about 2k RPM, and builds from there.

Not having to rev it to the moon, will make that power more prevalent for your use-case, not being on the track or AutoX scene.

I own both, and love both. But the Evora is, I think your natural next step. The steering feel is a little less than the Elise you're coming out of, but that'll be true no matter what your next car is. The Evora handles amazingly, and has more room. It's also easier to get in and out of, and I stick my two kids in the back, wife in the front. It's truly a dual duty car for us, and it's awesome.
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