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Hi everyone - I've had my 08 Elise for 6 or 7 years now, and have absolutely loved it!
My use has changed in the past few years, so have priorities... Years ago, as a younger single guy, I loved the car for quick weekend road trips and evenings out. Never been into track or racing - just a great drive. My lovely wife now fills the passenger seat, leaving little room for a weekend duffle bag - were both wishing for a bit more space, and a bit more comfortable seats...etc. Because of that, the car only made it out of the garage 3 times last year and so far once this year, just doesn't get used as it should! Thinking we will be looking for a more "mature" car. I have yet to sit in one or see one in real life, but based on the comparative threads here I think we are going to start investigating Evora's. Love the lotus community, but could potentially look at other beasts as well.

This thread is multi fold:

A - Is there anyone in the northeast / new england area with an Evora (ideally GT, 400...etc?) that would want to provide some guidance and info? Maybe a meet up? I'd LOVE to see one in person. Bonus points if you've had an Elise before! I've never been a car show, never been to a cars and coffee. My one other lotus friend (other than you all!) is 3000 miles away.

B - POWER is important. Can anyone comment specifically on coming from an elise SC (factory or otherwise) to an Evora NA vs SC version? I am a big forced induction guy, so my gut says that will be a requirement on whatever I end up with next. But maybe the torque of a V6 will suffice

Any other info or pointers would be great, without starting another elise vs evora debate!



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