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This is a Tillett B5 carbon seat made specifically for the Elise/Exige. It has the 3 Alcantara pads and all the hardware and mounting brackets so you can bolt it right into your Elise.

The mounting brackets are the Tillett EB 2 that are made to bolt directly to the stock Elise sliders. I am very tall (6'4") so I wanted the seat as far back and as low as possible so I made custom chrome moly steel tubular brackets that allow the seat to be mounted in a fixed 'low and long' position. If you don't want to use these just unbolt square tubes from the Tillett brackets and bolt the whole thing to your stock Elise sliders and be done with it. The seat can be used with the stock seat belts or with 4 point belts if you wish.

The seat is in a 9.5/10 condition with only a few small marks that one needs to look very hard for to find.

You can read more about the seat on the Tillett site -

I found this seat to be very comfortable and located me MUCH better than the stock Elise seats - the rib supports and the suede-like surface really hold you in place very well. The seat is super rigid gives a very good feel of what the car is doing.

New the seat and brackets sell for $1462 and when I bought it it cost more then $100 to ship it to me for a total of $1562. I'm asking for $800 including shipping to the lower 48 states - a savings of over $750 from new.

I will be happy to take paypal payments or certified checks. If you have any questions or would like any more photos please email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks so much,


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