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I have been asked to pilot a car during an international competition. Should be interesting and fun. It's an event sponsored by some magazines and at least one film/TV thing. Sport Compact Car is involved.

They have invited factory tuner cars to a run off competition at Buttonwillow. Many aftermarket companies are involved bringing some expensive machines. Drivers are coming in from all over, including many from Japan.

There is one private entry and that is the one I was asked to drive. It's a 400hp MR2 Turbo with about $40k of motor and suspension work in it. A motor builder is coming out from the east coast. Another setup guy and driver who was a Gymkhana pro from Japan is also going to be involved and probably also driving.

We will run on April 6th with maybe some shakedown happening before that. If I can, I will get some EliseTalk stickers on the car.

Should be interesting. Not an Elise... but it should be fast and fun.
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