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time to upgrade my brake pads

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hey guys

after tracking for about 2 years on xp10/xp8 combo i decided that its time to upgrade

been eyeing on xp12/xp12 or rc8/rc8

i was also recommended raybestos and pfc - but i dont have much information regarding them in the lotus forum

i also know that carbotechs came out with the xp24, any reviews with those?

i use my car for both track + street - but i lie...the only time i drive the lotus is only to and from track and the occasional coffee run so i will have these pads installed 100% of the time and use it on the minimal amount of mileage i put on the streets, however i do prefer them to not be corrosive as i get lazy and dont wash the lotus until couple days later after the track day :eek:

any reason why i should go xp12/xp12 over the rc8? it seems like the rc8 is a really good pad but id like to hear your thoughts between these

thanks in advance!
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Don't wait days after you track the car to clean your car/wheels. In the long run you might regret it. Depending on the pad you use you can do irreversible damage.


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Pagid 4-2's are working for me so far.
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