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The last time I did my belt it seemed to be extremely easy, I got it right on the first shot, no noise at all. This time I used the reinforced belt, not the blue belt, but the one that is around $36, not the one that is like $22, I used the cheap belt last time. (if that makes sense).

It was whining when the car warmed, so I slackened it, still whined, slackened it again, and almost no whine, however when I rev the car from under the hood, the belt seems to deflect just ever so slight where it hits the intake cam wheel, I dont remember, from my last belt, but is this normal?

I downloaded this app called "gstrings" its a guitar tuning software, not sure I understand it though, where are you supposed to strumm the belt for the proper sound? 100 htz?

In all honestly the belt feels like my last belt where it is now. Just dont remember that deflection or not. Im probably being paranoid from all the belt posts I've seen since the last time I did this.
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