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Your 93.5 OEM sizes (15x7 and 16x8) are really limited in matched vendor sets. BFG T/A (H rated tires) may be the only choice. Even then, the availability is difficult. If you're willing to do BFG TA front and Pirelli/ Michelin in back, it may be possible but the handling may not optimal. 15 and 16 inch tires are simply too old/small of a market, hence the limited choices.

I started off with 15" BFG TA all around. Ok tire but nothing special. Just bought 17" S4s wheels that allow better choices of tires.
For 17" I'm going with a Dunlop Direzza DZ101

Upgrading wheels on Esprit is quite an adventure - search the Esprit forum for 'wheel' and there are a few threads on tire/wheel fitment on the older cars.

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Check out this site for the various wheels/tire sizes used on Esprits:

The Lotus Esprit Fact File

Click on Support->Components->Wheels & Tires->Road Wheels

This is very useful if you prefer to stick with a Lotus OEM wheel from the
other model years (MY) (used obviously). Sticking close to the DIAMETER for the rear tire helps keep your speedo more true.


A thread similarly looking for relatively inexpensive alternative to OZ Nova wheels and fitment

My thread on moving from 15" to 17"

A discussion on 15" AND 16" tire choices

A forum member's spreadsheet for calculating various tire options

This is an indispensable site for doing 'What if' on wheels and tire sizes -> Size Comparer (lower left of screen under 'Tools')

One of my older posts trying to migrate from 15" to something with better tire choices (17" OR 18")

For after market inexpensive wheels, the choices are limited - the tradeoff is using spacer or adapters and heavier weights.

The inexpensive possibilities I've evaluated (plenty others that I didn't check out details):

5x108 sizes:

Voxx MG3
Voxx Maglia
ESM 004

5x120 sizes (requires adapters all around)

The expensive options (custom - no spacers)

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